FSC Chain of Custody

Forest Stewardship Chain of Custody refers to the procedures the various companies who handle wood products after they leave the FSC certified forest take to ensure segregation and tracking. FSC certified products move through many hands between the time the tree is harvested and the final consumer receives the finished goods.

In order to ensure the validity of the wood product used in processing comes from FSC certified forests, buy only from companies that have an FSC Forest Management/Chain of Custody (FM/COC) or FSC Chain of Custody (COC) certification license number. You can find a list of all FSC certified companies, their certification numbers and the scope of what they are authorized to sell as FSC certified at Info.FSC.org/

Companies that are FSC Chain of Custody certified keep records and follow procedures that ensure the provenance of all materials entering and exiting their supply chain. They also commit to the values and mission of the Forest Stewardship Council as defined in their Policy for the Association of Organizations with FSC. Companies also commitment to the International Labor Organization (ILO) worker safety rights and the United Nation's (UN) human rights declaration.

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