FSC Chain of Custody Annual Surveillance Audit Preparation

Hand over last year's annual FSC CoC audit report to us & we'll quickly prep you for next year's audit for ease & speed when your certification body comes to visit. Whether Swampdancer is just a second set of eyes to be sure the updates you have done are conforming, or you simply hand it all over to us to do, you'll rest assured that you're in tip-top shape come audit time.

After successfully setting up your FSC systems and surviving last year's FSC audit, why would you entertain the idea of hiring a consultant to prep you for next year's audit? Isn't it cheaper and more valuable to have the certification body tell me what I need to fix or change?  

Yes, but mostly - no. Your certification body (CB) can tell you which of the several dozen and ever-changing Standards, Policies, Advices and Directives apply to you. They will interpret what a criterion in the Standard means, if you know which criteria apply to you and what question to ask. Your certification body will not an CAN NOT tell you how to meet the Standard, however. By now you have learned that the CB is the enforcer - the tester - the objective 3rd party you have chosen to examine you against the FSC Standards and your written procedures. While your CB notifies you of updates to the Standard, they may not tell you exactly what needs to be changed. They are as helpful as their business model will allow.

By contracting with an FSC consultant like Swampdancer this year, you can be sure to spend the least amount of time resolving the non-conformances identified in last years audit and feel confident your FSC schedules and procedures include all the latest language and procedures. Turning over your audit prep work to Swampdancer ensures the quickest and easiest on-site audit experience when your CB visits. No back-and-forths with your CB account rep trying to figure out what they want. Save time, money, and heartache.  Working with an expert FSC Consultant to ensures crisp, complete written procedures revisions, conforming FSC schedules using all the right FSC lingo, and distinct training topics so you can bring the team up-to-speed before audit time. (Or hire Swampdancer to do this in-person or virtually, too!)

 Consider Swampdancer for maintenance fixes before your annual audit, or anytime you require quick, complete revision of written procedures and FSC schedules. Swampdancer can prepare the following documents for your audit:

  1. Non-conformance resolution report that resolves CAR/NCRs from the last audit
  2. Written procedures
  3. FSC-conforming annual volume summary report
  4. product group schedule
  5. up-to-date supplier list
  6. supplier scope checks
  7. internal audit reports (for multi-sites or other standards requiring vendor auditing)
  8. training documents highlighting new/revised procedures
  9. copies of revised FSC standards
  10. Other requirements identified in the revised CoC standard that goes into effect 01 October 2012 for already-certified companies.
While you will still need to organize sales documents, production reports and trademark approvals locally, look to Swampdancer for the rest.
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