FSC CAR/NC Conformance Rectification

Call on Swampdancer to stay FSC certified with quick Corrective Action Request or Non-Conformance resolutions.

When your certification body finds you out of conformance with any of the FSC Standards, the CAR or NC they issue defines the section of the Standard you must conform to. Minor non-conformances have one year timelines for rectification but are best taken care of as soon as possible. Major non-conformances must be addressed in 1-3 months.

Swampdancer can help you decipher the applicable Standard and solve or recommend procedural changes in your operations so you can be back in full conformance as soon as possible - sometimes even before your certification body has finalized your audit report! Nip your non-conformances in the bud early to minimize the time/money you must direct in solving these problems. Addressing non-conformances in advance also minimizes the amount of audit preparation and on-site audit time when the annual surveillance from your certification body comes due.

Swampdancer also recommends addressing Observations noted by your certification body in your annual audit report. Often overlooked by FSC certified companies, Observations do not indicate a current problem but are indicators of potential non-conformance in the future. If left unattended, Observations likely will become CARs or NCs during the next audit.


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