FSC Document Preparation

It's a no-brainer to hire a consultant when setting up your multi-site or group FSC CoC certificate since procedures and required documentation are complex and difficult to wade through, but what about the single-site company with "easy" material tracking and segregation procedures? Isn't it cheaper and more valuable for single-site companies to write their owns FSC conforming procedures and required schedules? Won't the certification body I choose help me do this?

Yes, but mostly - no. Your certification body (CB) can tell you which of the several dozen Standards, Policies, Advices and Directives apply to you. They will interpret what a criterion in the Standard means, if you know which criteria apply to you and what question to ask. Your certification body will not an CAN NOT tell you how to meet the Standard, however. The CB is the enforcer - the tester - the objective 3rd party you have chosen to examine you against the FSC Standards and your written procedures. The CB is not in business to consult you, although they are as helpful as their business model will allow.

By contracting with an FSC consultant like Swampdancer you can be sure to focus on learning the criteria that apply to your company and avoid wading through the dense FSC terminology that only an expert can decipher. Working with an expert FSC Consultant ensures crisp, complete written procedures, conforming FSC schedules using all the right FSC lingo, and continuous training and initiation into FSC-speak throughout drafting of the required documents.

 Hire Swampdancer when applying for your FSC CoC certificate, annually for maintenance revisions before your annual audit, or anytime you require quick, complete revision of written procedures.

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