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Stacy Kontrabecki

FSC Forest Management & Supply Chain Certification

The World Wildlife Fund describes the benefits of Forest Stewardship Council certified forestlands and Supply Chain/Chain of Custody systems in this video. WWF Global Forest & Trade Network: 10 Nov. 2010. (5:05) Check out the other forest and supply chain certification videos at WWF's YouTube channel, WWFGFTN.

Swampdancer Resources is...

a consulting practice focused on helping forest owners and forestry supply chain businesses - loggers, manufacturers, distributors, printers and brokers - obtain and maintain Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification.

Whether preparing for green certification or updating your FSC systems to remain in conformance with FSC standards, Swampdancer is your go-to for answers.

Swampdancer is your on-call expert for:

  1. FSC training
  2. FSC procedures revision
  3. FSC non-conformance resolution
  4. FSC new-certificate systems set-up

FSC Chain of Custody

Forest Stewardship Chain of Custody refers to the procedures the various companies who handle wood products after they leave the FSC certified forest take to ensure segregation and tracking. FSC certified products move through many hands between the time the tree is harvested and the final consumer receives the finished goods.

Read more: FSC Chain of Custody

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