FSC Chain of Custody Certificate Administration

Chances are your on-site FSC administrator probably got the job because they were the likely contact person between your company and your certification body - not because they have extra time on their hands. While you can't afford to add on staff to take care of those occasional FSC-related administrative tasks, you may be able to free up your production, ISO, environmental or harvest manager to do what it is you initially hired them to do. Outsource all or some of the FSC certificate administration to Swampdancer and take a load off your professional staff's desk. Let them be the production, ISO, environmental and harvest experts they are by hiring an FSC expert to take care of FSC.

Choose a-la-carte or smorgasbord services from Swampdancer:

  1. trademark use approvals: on-product and promotional
  2. Documentation & FSC schedule maintenance
  3. Staff training, including customer service & sales force
  4. certification body liaising
  5. FSC sales document monitoring
  6. FSC volume tracking
  7. centralized manual and/or digital FSC documentation cataloguing
  8. marketing collateral development 
  9. existing customer development
  10. new customer acquisition
  11. new supplier identification
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