FSC Chain of Custody Group Administration

If your industry association or similar group of small businesses chooses to apply for a shared FSC Chain of Custody certification license under the FSC CoC Group Standard, you'll need an FSC expert to serve as the manager of the group.

Group managers are responsible for:

  1. Paperwork centralization
  2. Summary reporting
  3. Conformance of all member businesses
  4. Training & consulting with members
  5. Ensuring non-conformances at member businesses are resolved
  6. FSC trademark uses by members, on-product and promotional use
  7. Annual on-site internal auditing of member businesses
  8. Coordinating periodic on-site certification body audits of member businesses
  9. Being audited annually by the certification body
  10. AP/AR of Group (billing members, paying certification body and internal auditors)

Swampdancer can be your manager.

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